PT Langgeng Maju Utama

Pt Langgeng Maju Utama

Supplier Daging Sapi We Are Here To Give You The Best

we are a supplier of quality Wagyu meat with a variety of cuts

Quality is our Priority

we have highly skilled meat specialists who cut our wagyu meat to your specifications. Every meat is cut and weighed by hand to ensure you get a consistent, high-quality product.

Pt Langgeng Maju Utama
Pt Langgeng Maju Utama
Pt Langgeng Maju Utama
Beef Supplier , Pt Langgeng Maju Utama
Sapi Wagyu
pt langgeng maju utama
Sapi Brahman Cross
Pt Langgeng Maju Utama
Sapi Angus
Pt Langgeng Maju Utama

Why Should Us?

Best Service

Providing the best service with maintaining
the quality of our products
and serve optimal delivery

Up To Date

Inform the customer about
stock and prices that to be updated
before any changes.


Professional workforce who have
the ability to Discuss and
Recommend on food products


Provide the choice of
best quality products and always innovating
and growing with market needs.

High Quality Product

We only provide and offer
the best quality products

Our Clients

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